Places you should visit near Mumbai in monsoon

By Sejal Jain

1. Durshet

River crossing, nature walks and all such adventures can always make your monsoon better!

2. Karnala Fort

The panoramic views from the top is something worth looking for other than the forest and bird sanctuary.

3. Lohagarh Fort

You need to go here if you love trekking in monsoons.

4. Vihigaon Waterfalls

The beautiful views of cascading water and vibrant greenery can add the perfect joy to your soul.

5. Khandi Waterfalls

Enjoy the picturesque beauty of dense forests along with the waterfall.

6. Kundalika Valley

The river at a distance and lush greenery with a stone facade will make you reach for your cameras without fail.

7. Tringaladi Fort

This fort is near the village, Tringalwadi which also has a well-built irrigation dam.

8. Kolad

This village possesses many natural beauties like pristine lakes and waterfalls which have a majestic look in the monsoon.

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