True beauty comes from within..and with Safi in just 21 days!

June 22, 2021By 0

Hey guys,

We all talk about fashion, personality, appearance and external beauty all the time.
Internal beauty somewhere takes a back seat.
Na Naah .. I am not talking about moral science here, but about keeping body beautiful and healthy internally.
I am talking about blood purification, eliminating harmful toxins from the body which is very important for keeping the skin and body healthy from inside and out.

When I was a kid,my mom used to refrain me from eating unhealthy stuff and wear any kind of make up like all moms generally do. She obsessed over how all I needed was a good face wash and proper 8 hours sleep and like an obedient child I used to follow whatever I could because I always wanted good skin and to look good 😉

For me, puberty came with problems of skin break outs and blemishes which got me panicking.
That’s when Mom introduced me to Safi which is a product from a very trusted brand Hamdard.
I started taking it regularly and I had glowing, acne free skin all throughout my pubescent years without any skin issues. I remember how people used to ask me about how I take care of my skin and I used to love the attention and appreciation!

Good habits should always continue but where do we follow this golden rule 😉

Years later I took up a profession which requires me to commute a lot, I ride bike everyday in our so polluted environment and Sun. At the same time shoots require to put on make -up and a lot of different products gets used on skin.
Additionally, erratic schedule, stress and lack of sleep makes it very tough for internal systems to do its work efficiently leading to unhealthy, tired and unfit skin causing acnes and pustules (pus filled cells).
It definitely affected my personality, because unhealthy skin and body causes lack of confidence and irritation. Waking up every day to a new unwanted companion on my face made it frustrating for me.

At this time, my skin was very sensitive; I tried different medications and all sorts of creams. It was just working temporarily or aggravating the problem.

So when my mom saw me struggling with skin problems yet again, she suggested me to give Safi a try again. Being the Google head that I am, I started doing my research (as by now, with the grace of major failed medications and treatments I was too afraid to put anything in my body without a thorough research) and found out it doesn’t have any chemicals. It’s all natural with 28 good herbs like senna, revandchini, neem ,tulsi, chiraitaetc . These unique ingredients help in dealing with the roots cause of skin problems.

I found out it purifies the blood from within, helps liver and other organs to eliminate the toxins, helps in clearing stomach and improving blood circulation resulting into problem free skin.

I took up the 21 days course and consumed Safi regularly for next 21 days.









Taste was quite tolerable unlike those kadhas(home recipies) because of all the herbs but I evened it out by mixing Safi with some water.
I started observing the changes happening to my skin during those 21 days.








Within 10 days I saw reduction in the rate of break outs and gradually they stopped all together. It’s been couple of days I completed the course and I don’t see single acne popping. In fact I feel my skin glowing every day.













It really worked like magic and the solution was so simple to use. I got flawless skin in just 21 days and at hardly any cost.
Now I know why Mom used to say Safi Laaye Ragon Mein Khoobsurati while giving me Safi earlier.






And you guys remember …If it’s not healthy inside, it won’t ever show outside with whatever coverage you do.
Try Safi and see the difference.




With Love,