Majestic Ladakh- Pangong diaries

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Hope my previous travel guide helped you in someway or got that adrenaline rush and the call from within to see this beautiful place.. if that was not enough, my day 5, 6 and 7 will sure get the thoughts of visiting this place:)



Morning first thing we visited the Military Hall of Fame, a glorious museum constructed by the Indian army. You can see biographies of eminent defence personalities, war objects, weapons etc.

This was really heart touching to see and learn more about the wars and our soldiers. Must visit!





Next, we headed to visit Alchi village in the Indus Valley, 67 km west of Leh. Cute little village with a historic monastery and flea market where we shopped like crazy and some beautiful café’s, thank god I included Alchi in my itinerary it was totally worth it. En route to Leh, we witnessed the majestic Sangam – Confluence of the two rivers meet each other, Zanskar and Indus.




After that, we went to see the much talked about, “Magnetic Hill”, a gravity hill located near Leh.

The hill is alleged to have magnetic properties strong enough to pull cars uphill. We did not believe about the magnetic pull until the driver turned off the ignition of the car and the car started to move on its own for quite a distance.







Lastly, we paid our visit to Gurudwara Pathar Sahib, a beautiful Gurudwara constructed in the memory of Guru Nanak, about 25 miles away from Leh.

Day 6 – This morning after breakfast, we proceeded to visit the most anticipated part of our whole Ladakh trip, The Pangong Tso – a lake which is 134km long and extends from India to Tibet, 60% of the length of the lake lies in China. During winter, the lake freezes completely, despite being saline water.

On our journey to Pangong, we visited 800-year-old gompa at Thiksey built on a hilltop and modeled on the famous Potala Palace in Lhasa.









Before reaching Pangong Lake, we passed through the Changla, a high mountain pass and the world’s 3rd highest motor-able road. It is on the route to Pangong Lake from Leh. The name literally means “Pass towards the South” or “Pass in the South” (Chang = south, La = Pass).








When we reached Pangong we were truly love-struck by its beauty. The essence of Ladakh is incomplete without visiting this lake. You can actually see the watercolors changing in few minutes with environment changes. I could have probably stayed there for hours and hours if the weather would have allowed me. It gets extremely windy towards the evening.







At night we stayed in a tent with a lake view, beautiful is a very underrated word for the lake, you will only believe it once you witness it with your eyes.





Tip – Do carry warm clothes.. like thick jackets, temperature goes extreme low in the evening, also carry earplugs, muffler or monkey caps … its becomes so windy that it becomes hard to sleep in the tent, also ask for hot water bags (tent owners provide you with it) to keep under your feet at night.

We actually booked a wrong tent, bed mattress and pillow were extremely hard which made our night a nightmare. Book wisely, better to call and clear out are doubts which we, unfortunately, didn’t.

Day 7 – We drove around the Pangong Lake and made full use our DSLR and our mobile camera!!

I dared to somehow drape the saree and pose in almost 2-3 degrees near the lake. To top this my brother had challenged me to wear it in the snow mountains which I did as that way I am quite daring. I have to still tell you guys what I did in Ibiza but let’s save that for later.








In this case, it got really weird when every single person around you is layered with multiple things and you in that noodle strap blouse and a chiffon saree get out posing in Bollywood style. The pictures were okayish but the not caring about public attention(which I learned through blogging with every shoots outdoors)  was and the feeling of killing the challenge was something I still am proud of 😉








As the journey is long we left a little early to go back to Leh. Later in the afternoon, we went to the market to shop for some souvenirs for friends and family.

Day 8 – Departure from Leh with all the amazing memories, Bye Bye Ladakh, see you soon.









Hahaha… There is a 3 idiots movie point at Pangong lake too. When everything here was happening Bollywood inspired so did not skip this too 😉