Well, guys.. So the most awaited and delayed at the same time(really sorry for that),  my entire experience of the most breathtakingly beautiful part of India, Ladakh is right here.

It is said that your bucket list of “best places to visit in India” is incomplete until you visit the majestic Ladakh. Ladakh (“land of high passes”) is a region in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Ladakh has always fascinated me, not because it’s been in the background in many recent Hindi movies but because it is a scenic paradise ……mountains, lakes, sand dunes you name it and Ladakh has it in the most alluring arrangement u can ever imagine.

I read a lot of articles, researched on the internet during the planning process of my trip and came to the conclusion that my first Ladakh trip will not on the bike as I was unsure how exhilarating it was going to be and whether my body is ready for such high-risk adventure rides.

So we finalized on 7nights 8 days trip, booked hotels, paid for the flights, prepared our itinerary, booked a car and we were ready to go.

Tip – Try to do most of the booking in advance. If you can’t find a hotel in your budget online, don’t worry there are many inexpensive stays available in Leh which you won’t find online (maybe bcoz of internet connectivity, it’s very weak in entire Ladakh) get it done when you reach there.


Day 1,

5th June 2018 I along with my friends took a direct flight to Leh, The largest town in Ladakh. Leh is in the abode of the rocky paradise of Ladakh depicting eternal beauty and wrapped in the most beautiful design of mighty Himalayas.



The time we landed we could feel the difference in the air,, like literally feel the low oxygen level due to the high altitude location, not trying to scare anyone but yes Ladakh tests your stamina and tend to make you tired in a short walk.

As the weather changes quickly in Ladakh, and quite different from Mumbai, we kept the first day of my trip to acclimatize and rest and be a ready kick in the next day